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The best kept secret to lose weight, it's not what you think

Hopefully, you have already read my blogs related to weight loss and the underlying reason people, especially women cannot lose weight. Or if someone does lose weight then gains all their weight back and then some. Here's the best kept secret that no one talks about....LEPTIN. Yes, that's the secret.

What is leptin? Why are doctors not talking about this important hormone? Trust me, all the pharmaceutical companies that develop drugs for weight loss know about it. That's what they measure, leptin levels, in patients' blood to see if their drug is reliable for weight loss.

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells that travels to the brain The brain then tells the fat cells to preserve energy (causing weight gain) or burn energy (causing weight loss). Leptin also regulates appetite. Can leptin levels be checked? The answer is Yes. In my practice, we check those levels before starting and during our weight loss program (which was designed by me after countless hours of researching the latest literature on best way to treat leptin resistance and learning this hormone is the real answer to long term weight loss).

So, how is leptin resistance treated anyway? This is what the latest literature shows and I have put it to use in my practice and IT WORKS.

Here are the answers:

1) Diet- it cannot be just any diet. That's proven which is why there are so many diets out there claiming they work. If they work so well, why do so many people gain all their weight back and then some upon stopping the diet Or not losing any weight in the first place. The reason is they are NOT FIXING the underlying problem...leptin resistance. That must be fixed. The latest studies show that the diet that works the best is avoiding inflammatory type foods. So that is a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nuts and eggs. Avoid foods that contain gluten, dairy which are the 2 big inflammatory foods. Does that mean you can never have dairy or gluten again? No but until you reach your goal weight, it is important not to add fuel (inflammatory foods) to the fire (your body). In your our Healthy Weight, Healthy You program, we make your life easy by providing you with an easy to use free app that incorporates the diet and exercise proven to reverse leptin resistance.


2) Exercise - cannot be just any exercise. The literature shows resistance training MUST be a part of the routine. In fact, it must be at least 3 days a week. Of course, aerobic exercise is good for the heart, muscles and burning calories, it is not the only type of exercise that should be done. Resistance training builds muscle which burns calories at rest. That's what will help prevent weight regain once leptin levels return to normal.

3) Age- well you guessed it, as we age we tend to gain weight. Leptin is the reason behind it.

4) Sleep - getting 7-8 hours sleep per night is a must. Why? Growth hormone which helps to regulate the body's metabolism is only made during the night in adults over age 21. If we don't get enough sleep, not enough of this hormone can be produced which will affect metabolism.

5) Supplements- To treat and keep the leptin level in normal range, supplements are essential. I have researched many supplements and found one of the best supplements to assist with getting leptin down to normal and keeping it there. That’s why I incorporated it into my Healthy Weight, Healthy You program.

Watch out for my blog article on Leptin Levels, Should I be tested?

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