Why we are different

At Women's Comprehensive Health Center, Laurianne Scott, DO, Deidre Arms, CNP and Sarah Elswick, CNP provide comprehensive health care to women of all ages using the latest research and advancements in medical care. Whether you are a teenager or postmenopausal woman, our expertise in women's health care makes our office the right choice for your health care needs. You will find we do things differently at our office. That's because we focus on the whole person, investigating then treating the root cause of the medical problem. This may be through a more natural approach such as using vitamins and/or supplements along with lifestyle changes or through a traditional approach using prescription medications. The treatment will be determined by your underlying medical history, current medical literature and guidelines as well as which method will treat the issue most appropriately. 


We believe the key to good health and maintaining good health is prevention. That's why we highly recommend yearly preventive visits. 

We look forward to helping you achieve the best health possible and are excited you have chosen us to be your healthcare providers.